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Welcome to my Bakers Dozen video series

#1 Working hard isn’t enough

There are 13 short videos in this series, and in each of them I’m sharing insights into some dos and don’ts that – when taken on board and acted on – can’t help but enhance the success of your business. Here is the first one, called ‘Working hard isn’t enough’. I really hope you enjoy them and get some benefit out of them.

#2 The suit of armour

This video is called ‘The suit of armour’ to help support you in getting yourself out of your comfort zone. ‘Why should I?’, you may ask? Because everything you want is just outside your comfort zone. That’s why.

Last year I went to Uganda in response to a plea for help. I’d never been to Uganda but someone I respect very much asked me to help set up a bakery there from scratch – with no equipment (!). I had two mates with me to help but, boy, did that get us out of our comfort zones!!! You know what I found to be absolutely true, though? And have for most of my life? The more I get out there and give, the more I get – in all areas of my life.

So, take a look at this video, think about it (but not too long!), and then… act!

#3 Thank ‘em for complaining

Here’s a tip: examine your principles: what do you truly believe great customer service is? Believe me, it looks very different from where the customer is standing!

Give them the right experience and they’ll leave you satisfied and more inclined to recommend you and/or come back. But if you don’t fulfil their expectations, they leave full of resentment and disappointment.

Thank your customers for complaining. Be grateful they are helping you that way. They could just leave and never come back, and you wouldn’t know why. Enjoy!

#4 Show ‘em what you’ve got

I hope you’re enjoying my Bakers Dozen so far and get something out of it. In this video we look at why it makes good business sense sharing your vital statistics with your team. Enjoy!

#5 Nothing changes if nothing changes

In this video we’ll delve into the reasons why change is vital for the health of your business. It’s called ‘Nothing changes if nothing changes’… and ain’t that the truth?! (to quote our American friends)

Look, I know that most people would agree with me when I say that change is good & necessary, but let’s be honest, no one REALLY likes change. However, if you want to see the results you like, you gotta make changes to the way you do things now. Nothing changes if nothing changes…

#6 Don’t be a seagull

I have a confession to make: in my first few years in business I used to be what I call a ‘Seagull manager’. I’d swoop into the bakery and home in anyone who I thought wasn’t doing the right thing and ‘rip their head off’. Boy oh boy, what an unpleasant boss I must have been at times!! Now, I’m sure you’re nothing like that but I’d encourage you to look at your management style anyway. Don’t be a seagull… that’s what this video is called, and here it is. Thanks for watching.

#7 What if they stay

I’d like to ask you a question: do you find training your staff a pain in the proverbial? Having a hard time justifying the time, effort & money for it when there’s no guarantee that they’ll stay with you? Trust me, I know that feeling well.

However, I’d like you to watch this episode, called ‘What if they stay’. Food for thought.

Have a good one!

#8 The mind’s paintbrush

If you’ve been watching my Bakers Dozen in sequence, you’re now well and truly past the half way mark. Well done! I really hope you are getting something out each one and that you’re taking action.

Otherwise words are just words, and videos are just videos. Not inspiration. Which leads me to this week’s instalment, called: The Mind’s Paintbrush. Enjoy!

#9 I’m a servant

This episode is called ‘I’m a servant’. If you’re in business, this one’s for you. Hope you like it!

#10 Beyond your own backyard

You know, I learnt the hard way that there’s no easy road to success. If you want it to happen, you gotta make it happen. However, keep in mind that you also have to rest easy and reward yourself. I learnt years ago that I always need a carrot out there in front of me to keep me going. I think we all need that carrot. You’ve got to learn to reward yourself!

Okay, this segment is called ‘Beyond your own backyard’. As usual, watch it, and if you feel inspired, let me know what you think about it.

#11 The problem with driving normal

I’d like to encourage you to hold a mirror in front of your face every time something goes wrong and think of ‘The problem with driving normal’, which is this episode. George Bernard Shaw said it perfectly when he asserted that “the single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place”. Enjoy!

#12 Get in boots ‘n all

While good communication is hugely important, you’ve gotta get in there, boots ‘n all, and keep growing & learning if you want to make a go of it. The essence of all growth is the willingness to learn, and that never stops. Because one thing’s for sure, if YOU don’t improve, your competition will. So, enjoy this instalment, incidentally called ‘Get in Boots’n All’.

#13 Bakersville to Speakerstown

Well, well, well! Looks like we’ve reached the end of my baker’s dozen. I hope you enjoyed the series and got something out of it. Remember, nothing changes if nothing changes. So, take that step you’ve been meaning to take, and then take the next (you get the idea).

If you’d like to stay in touch subscribe to my blog, or drop me a line to share how your progress is going (). I’d love to hear.