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Given a choice between following instructions without ownership, and being allowed to take ownership – and therefore being responsible for making things happen, most people will choose the latter. Nobody likes to feel helpless, or clueless. Empower your staff, managers, co-workers, clients and associates to drive their own success. Enable them to learn and apply the tools and techniques that put them in the driver‘s seat, and guess what happens? Their success contributes to your success. Massively!

And right now, due to changing technology, I’m offering my DVDs at a MASSIVELY reduced price until they’re gone. Here’s your chance to get the final copies of all my DVD case studies at a bargain price!!! And you have copyright permission to transfer them to your PC, laptop or tablet for training purposes.

It doesn’t get better than that, so act NOW before they’re all gone.

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Bread – The Complete Training Course


Tom O’Toole is in great demand as a business motivational speaker. Audiences however have also wanted to know more of the ‘how to’ secrets behind his success. In this powerful new workshop called BREAD – Business Secrets of the Beechworth Bakery, Tom and his external trainer, Roger Simpson, have created a very unique interactive workshop, delivered in Tom’s inimitable & passionate style.

If you and your company are wanting to win more, achieve more and be more… this is the workshop for you.

  • Gain more focus in your personal life and be the success you know you can be
  • Learn the personal and business secrets from one of the most talked about retailers in Australia
  • Discover innovative and creative ways to take your business to the next level
  • Understand the secret weapon for creating a work culture that is productive and enjoyable for you and your employees
  • Put some ‘FUN’ back in to your life and work

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Tom and Roger presented their BREAD workshop at our I.C.E. Works Conference in New Zealand. Our customers are still talking about this particular workshop two months on, about how they are achieving goals they did not believe were possible, as set out in Tom’s workshop. The mix between Tom’s amazing passion and love of being a retailer and Roger’s way of making sure you do not forget the message, ensured it did not sink in for a couple of seconds but rather imprinted the message in the brain.”
— Marketing Director, New Sunrise Group