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'BREAD' - Business Success Training Workshops

You probably think, “Bread?” – My business has nothing in common with a bakery! Different product, different markets, different goals, different people (everyone knows bakers can be a strange lot!).

But I’ve found that the fundamental success principles remain the same regardless of the business you’re in. My recipes for success have a place in any business. They can change your life away from work too!

So, if you’re looking for ideas, inspiration, advice, how to’s and other motivational support to help get the best our of your team and your business, book a facilitated ‘bread’ workshop now.

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” The facilitation was the major factor between an opportunity to hear a motivating speaker like Tom and the opportunity to achieve some broad based, longer term benefits found within the hand book. The results of the day were multi faceted and I have already seen the benefit to our company over recent weeks.”

– David Rice | General Manager RGI


Fundamentals include the 4 major areas that determine success:

1. Customer Service – commitment start at the top

2. Marketing – effective strategies that are simple yet clever

3. Culture – how to create a strong organisational culture that supports your business objectives

4. Comfort Zone – ‘Getting out of your comfort zone is making a statement that you refuse to be ordinary!’ (Tom O’Toole)