On the road again… Yay!

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On the road again… Yay!

Thanks to Russ Driver, the terrific mechanic in Alice Springs, the old girl is running well again (fingers crossed – don’t wanna jinx it!).

After giving the talk in Alice Springs for the Chamber of Commerce there, and raising some more funds for the Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute, we took off again to make our way to Uluru. But this time we were accompanied by Sarah Stapleton from the Institute as well as Steve Barratt from MRL Media who have been instrumental in bringing this whole fundraising trip about. Steve has taken it on himself to film as much as he can of the trip, not only to help with further fundraising & and awareness-building, but also for posterity since this will most likely be the last major trip together for the three of us – Keith, me and the old girl (the A Model). And I would like to thank Steve for that, and all his hard work and dedication!!! It is very much appreciated!

We stopped off in Curtain Springs for the night as we didn’t want to risk running into wildlife on the road in the dark. They tend to lie on the road to absorb the warmth!

In the morning we continued on to Uluru and the Olgas, so here we are. Magnificent! The country here never fails to impress and humble me. I love being here.

Next stop, Warakuna Roadhouse. We’ll keep you posted!