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Leadership 2012 –  Feedback on Tom O’Toole

Leadership 2012 –  Feedback on Tom O’Toole part 2

Excellent. I thought today’s event was great. Very positive and inspiring. Tom’s use of positive images and being blatantly honest with himself, his staff and customers is a great lesson for all of us. Very impressive man and career. fan – bl**dy-tastic! Great speaker – so much enthusiasm that it was sobering to go back to work (everyone is so quiet) I believe that it reminded us that there are certain fundamentals that exist for every successful business, whether large or small, regardless of the industry! What an inspiring character… So much enthusiasm and perspective.


It was fantastic to see the response of the staff that had no idea what they were in for! Tom’s enthusiasm is like a burst of fireworks! Our staff had fun, lots of laughs and were talking about Tom for a long time after. We know for sure that all of those that attended walked away with a smile on their face and a renewed enthusiasm to set their own goals for the future.

Sharon’s Hairline

Excellent. Tom was a real surprise package. He displayed great energy and enthusiasm and really added another dimension to our conference and conveyed an excellent message for our group. I would certainly recommend Tom to others.

Kubota Australia

Excellent. Tom was clearly the crowd favourite, and very nearly received a standing ovation. The presentation was full of action and humour, interspersed with compelling messages and learnings.

NGT Travel Conferences & Incentives

Very impressed. The Operations area of the company contains middle management through to vineyard hands and packaging line workers. Tom was relevant to all.

Brown Brothers

Excellent. I had seen Tom in operation before. This is why I wanted him for our group. Tom did not disappoint – the straightforward direct approach is just what we needed.

Werribee Chamber of Commerce

Excellent. Tom was very well received by our audience. His presentation was dynamic, delivering a message with underlying principles that could be applied by anyone. The feedback was extremley positive.


Thought Tom was a great performer, definitely captured everyone’s attention with some great messages…….it is truly amazing how successful he has made his business from following a simple recipe for success!

Fantastic Furniture

Excellent. Tom struck a chord in every one of the 300-odd audience, from leaders in the business community through to owner-operators and teenage employees. His story is inspiring, his delivery engaging and his message uplifting. I would definitely recommend him as a speaker both to large companies seeking to motivate their staff and to community groups looking to empower and unify local traders.

Midland Marketin

Excellent. Tom’s discussion was very appropriate to the theme of the conference and his presentation and philosophies should be adopted and pushed through the Group. Tom received the highest score for his presentation from the Group 4.68 out of 5.

Gandel Group

Excellent. Tom O’Toole was the perfect guest for our conference. He was entertaining, funny and friendly with a perfect message that was delivered in a Fantastic way. He stayed around and enjoyed dinner with us and personalised all his books for our Store Managers. He went above and beyond. Much appreciated Tom!

Fantastic Furniture

Excellent. Tom was the perfect closing speaker for our event. Everyone took home a different message.

Department of Agriculture

You were a total inspiration for the fellows as well as a most amusing guest speaker.  Your message was clearly received by all and dovetailed in perfectly with our theme for the year – ‘Be Unique – Make a Difference’. You were the keynote for the conference and helped make the total content fall into place.

Gallagher Australia Pty Lt

Excellent. Tom blew ’em away with his enthusiasm, style and honesty. He really is quite a person!

Great Expecations

Excellent. Truly unique in every aspect and his passion was appreciated by all.

Landmark Wholesale

Excellent. Tom’s presentation is highly energetic, evocative, thought-provoking and absolutely inspirational. I enjoyed his presentation so much at a conference I attended last year, that I organised my staff on this occassion to experience Tom’s message first hand.

Speedy Corporation Pty Ltd

Excellent. Dynamic and unique presentation, full of interest and delivered with such gusto it couldn’t fail to capture everyone’s interest. A fascinating look into the life of a person who came to a turning point in his life and had the guts to change and have a go. Inspiring and a reminder that we all have what it takes to make it, the only thing we need is the right attitude.

The Granes Research Development Corporation (GRDC)

Excellent. Tom’s presentation was energetic and interesting. His straightforward approach to his business was refreshing to hear and easy to understand.  Clients and partners alike all were able to take something away from Tom’s presentation. The ‘Buzz’ in the room at morning tea after his presentation as well as the number of requests I have had for his video is an very positive indication of how well he was received.

Hagemeyer Electrical Group

Excellent. Tom O’Toole was the ideal keynote speaker for our conference. He was enthusiastic, exciting and energetic and prepared all attendees to receive the “can do” messages throughout all the following sessions.

NSW Taxi Association

Excellent. Well received by the audience. Was extremely funny, entertaining and motivating.


Excellent. What can I say that hasn’t already been said about this man – genuine, passionate, inspiring – Tom leaves you with a smile on your face but questions in your head and heart

Investor Financial Planning Pty Ltd

Excellent. Tom had everyone on the edge of their seats one moment, and wiping tears the next, straight to the heart – we loved him!

Quairading Chamber of Commerce

The response from retailers was excellent. They thoroughly enjoyed Tom’s style of presentation.

Clifford Gardens Shopping Centre

Tom’s presentation was energetic, humourous and he inspired our managers.  For anybody in hospitality or the service industry I would highly recommend Tom as a guest speaker.

Collins Foods Group

Very entertaining and full of enthusiasm. He held the audience’s attention for the full time. Certainly gave us all lot of good ideas and lots to implement at home and at work.  Have received very positive comments from all who attended

Jetset House

Tom’s inspiring and energising presentation made for a lively Awards night . Well received.

Franchise Council of Australia – Vic. Division

Tom’s enthusiasm and humour set the tone for our entire 3 day conference. He is by far the best Australian speaker we’ve heard for over 10 years! We can’t thank him enough for a job well done!


An amazingly entertaining and vibrant person who was well received by the Conference delegates.


Uniquely inspirational and entertaining, we could’ve listened to his stories all day long!

Automotive Global Insurance

Tom is an outstanding speaker and very unique in the way he delivers his presentation. The audience responded extremely well to his presentation.


Tom was probably the most passionate speaker I have seen for some time and our audience loved him.

Creative Events

Tom’s presentation was highly energetic and delivered my staff with a positive and strong message. The enthusiasm, humor and sound business sense based practical experience was very good.

Anglican Care

Tom’s presentation was fantastic, just right for our Distributor Conference. Our distributors who are all small to medium businesses found Tom’s talk very relative and I am sure they will be quoting from his presentation for many months. Our Asian Pacific Vice president was at the meeting and he was very impressed with Tom’s presentation. Thank you for your support.

Rockwell Automatio

A legend – fantastic closing to our three days.

Choice Home Loans

Tom is obviously very passionate about his life and it shows. He has a very positive focus and really walks the talk.

Echuca Special School

Your presentation was extremely entertaining and an inspiration for those fortunate enough to be there; definitely a take home message for everyone ranging from beef and sheep producers to small business owners in town, to housewives. A great example being: a very good friend of mine, widowed last year at 28 with a 12 month old and a pregnancy not known about, attended the meat profit day (with the 4 month old in arms) and told me you are the one person she has listened to that has made her believe she can begin again. So definitely not only business minds were inspired! I believe Longreach is a better place for your visit

Meat & Livestock Australia – Longreach

I personally found your presentation made at our Business Sessions extremely professional, informative and entertaining and from all accounts from the delegates who attended, they enjoyed it as much as I did.

Liquor Marketing Group

I was blown away by Tom’s presentation style. He was very intimidating at first but WOW what an impact. I don’t know how this guy gets through the day with all this energy.

Young Entrepreneur Organisation

Tom was full of energy and delivered a most appropriate message that was consistent with the theme of the night . From the feed back of the participants he delivered a message of hope and your future success is in your hands.

Numurkah District Health Service

Tom’s enthusiastic, passionate delivery was very well received by the  attendees (whose ages ranged from 18 years to mid 60s). The feedback was  most positve and Tom’s message obviously struck a chord with each  individual.  A wonderful experience for all!

Watters Electrical

Tom was energetic and enthusiastic. He was very well received by the audience and received great feedback via our own feedback forms.

Reflect Consulting

Tom is an enthralling speaker. Inspirational, full of energy and enthusiasm for his topic and people. He was a big hit with our delegates.

Kimberley – Clarke Pty Ltd

Tom has a unique ability to be able to connect with a wide audience, particularly those who didn’t even know they were in the business of customer service. Many who attended were able to identify with Tom’s stories and apply his philosophies to their own lives and businesses.

Far Western Regional Development Board

Fantastic, got the conference off to a flying start, Tom is definitely out there and made people get out of their comfort zone. I think the message got through to all the attendees.

Farmers’ Mutual Insurance Limited

Restaurant and catering Australia were extremely fortunate to benefit from your experience as you spoke to us on Business Success and Service.  Many members have congratulated the Association for bringing them a speaker who has truly built a small business from the ground up and has maintained their vision with enthusiasm for their establishment.

Restaurant and Catering Australia

Tom’s almost manic delivery style certainly kept our audience enthralled.  He makes you want to go out and do..do..do.

Toronto Workers Club

In the 12 years of the conference Tom was the most inspiring motivational speaker to ever present at the conference.

Federal President – Liquor  Stores Association

Tom was an exceptionally entertaining speaker that had the whole audience attention from the moment he walked on stage until the very end. His message is simple but highly effective and he delivered in a way that all of us can relate to. He is humble in his approach and honest in his admissions, which engaged the audience even more. He made us all re-evaluate our paradigms and challenged us to think big. The pleasing aspect of his talk, was that he was not some guru consultant that preaches from theory, but a real person who has had to endure several knockbacks before he finally reached his goals. Based on the positive feedback from the 130 delegates he was a huge hit.


Excellent. Having a connection with Augusta, Tom fitted in really well and was well received by all – we had guests travel from as far as Busselton and Nannup to hear his talk and all thought it well worth the trip. From the feedback I have received it may well be that Tom will be back in the region before too long to deliver more of his wonderful message.

Flinders Bay Corporation

Excellent – Thanks Tom. Tom was booked with Dingo to speak at our sales conference on Saturday 22 Oct 2005. And he was bloody fantastic – Speaking to our sales team from across Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK the message was the same and applied equally to ALL countries. From the success of the night Dingo decided to rebook Tom for our service conference on Saturday 19 Nov 2005. Dingo also invited leaders from a number of Dalby businesses to listen and they were left in awe. Tom said he may go for an hour, well an hour and a half later he was still going strong. And we loved it. He stepped off stage absolutely drenched in sweat and buggered he had given us his all. Having Tom speak at our conferences is an investment for Dingo’s future.

Dingo Australia

Excellent. Tom O’Toole was energetic and engaging. He was very passionate with a comical style and created great enthusiasm amongst our group with his business success story. He was very motivational and really got our group thinking about what they can do in their business.

On Course

Dynamic, entertaining, energy plus, funny, inspiring… You can’t say ‘ So What to Tom.. he is a ‘Wow.’ I had a room with 300 diverse business people. From one man operators to very large Blue Chip organisations.. The feedback has been exceptional about Tom…. Just such a great delivery and presentation. No boring pie charts and business buzz words here.. How refreshing!

South Sydney Rabbitohs

Tom’s success story, from being a poor child to a successful business man, is truly fantastic! It just shows what drive and determination can do. He is an amazing man, and Australian!

Jetstar Travelworld Ltd.

Excellent Tom’s presentation was fantastic.The response from the delegates was overwhelmingly positive, it was certainly a great way to end the day’s proceedings and sent everyone off on such a high note.

Social Club Books Pty Ltd

Excellent. Tom was engaging and represented exactly what we required for the night. His professionalism and story was moving for all involved.

LIFELINE – Tasmania

Tom is an excellent, if somewhat radical presenter. Very motivational and very entertaining. He is an inspiration to us all.

Shoalhaven City Council

Tom was excellent. I had high expectations and he exceeded them in every way. He was very professional and went the extra mile to make sure we got the most possible value out of his presentation. I’ve never seen our clients be that engaged while listening to a speaker or laugh that much! Tom’s presentation fit so well with the theme of the night and delivered the outcome we were looking for perfectly. We couldn’t be more pleased and we’d love to have him back in the future.

Income Solutions

Very Good. Tom O’Toole was energetic and as the final presenter day 1 of conference, Tom revved everyone up!

Dept of Innovation Industry

Thank you so much for agreeing to speak at our Annual Franchising Conference in Melbourne recently. You’re one crazy bastard but everyone loved you!!! What an incredible way to end conference. You motivated them. Inspired them, shook them up and then sent them back to their businesses to ‘make a difference’. We thank you for your passion and for the chance to experience a little of your journey with you.

Healthy Habits

Tom hit a chord with everyone there. His energy, enthusiasm and frankness about life, people and business was uplifting. Just an ounce of his passion is enough to fuel a rocket to the moon and back. Thank you Tom for sharing your world with Cartridge World.

Cartridge World

Tom’s energy and enthusiasm was infectious.  He spoke about experiences in a manner that our dealers could relate to. A first class start to our business conference.

L.D. Wholesale Tyres

Excellent. Simple messages that we constantly need reminding of – portrayed with such vigour and enthusiasm – the audience loved it and laughed a lot.

Spencer Institute of TAF

In the wrap of the conference today the Federal President stated that in the 12 years of the conference Tom was the most inspiring motivational speaker to ever present at this conference.

Liquor Stores Association Conference

The Delegates obviously enjoyed your dynamic, inspirational, enthusiastic, vibrant presentation and the rating comments definitely reflect this.  Your presentation rated the highest of all the sessions and was a great finish to Congress.

CPA Congress

Tom’s presentation was very good and as opening speaker for our conference set the scene for a very interactive day.

Xypex Australia

Excellent. Tom’s down to earth and very dynamic. A boy from the bush that all businesses can use his ideals.

One Steel Market Mills – Wire

Excellent. Very animated which kept the interest of the group.  Positive feedback from all delegates.

Stihl Pty Ltd

Excellent. Practical heart felt real ideas that our franchises can take back and implement.

Brumby’s Bakeries

Tom was fabulous! The audience enjoyed his presentation and took home some clear messages.

Large Herds Australia Conference

Absolutely Fabulous

Townsville Chamber of Commerce

Excellent. Tom fitted in perfectly with the theme of our conference ‘Through the Customer’s Eyes’.  An enthusiastic and inspiring presentation that the audience really enjoyed.

Australia Post

Excellent. Tom’s presentation was inspirational and very easy to listen to. His was the perfect presentation for a group of small business people. Tom’s energy level is amazing!

Australia Post

Excellent.  Very passionate presenter, sound business principles and entertaining style

Michael Hill Jewellery

Excellent. Tom’s presentation was brilliant. He made all the audience stop and think what they can do to make a difference in their pharmacy. Brilliant and very relevant message.


Excellent. Very motivational, hilarious and enjoyed by all.


Tom fitted in with the program very well; the message was very well presented.

South West Healthcare

Excellent. Tom presents with a passion, speaks from the heart and head, and was received as the most rewarding speaker we’ve had in 10 years.


Tom’s enthusiasm and passion is awe inspiring.


Many of our people have never experienced a ‘message’ speaker before and were absolutely blown away by your passion. I can assure you, you made a permanent mark in the minds of many attendees who continued to talk about Tom all through the conference.


Excellent. Riveting, funny, passionate and so easy to identify with. Extremely valuable content, in step with our business. Accolades from all.

Australia Post

Excellent. A great way to finish a conference.  He sent all of our people away with renewed enthusiasm.

Regional Insurance Brokers Association

Excellent, a different act. His success story was based on positive thinking.

Rotary District of Dromana

Excellent. Tom’s enthusiasm and passion were well received by our group. His humour and message were an excellent conference starter and set the tone.

Destination Event Management

I just wanted to say congratulations on an awesome performance. It was great to have a speaker not related to real estate and you ended the conference on a high. I found you to be really inspiring and your positive attitude is still fresh in memory!

Hocking Stuart Estate Agents

Excellent. Tom was the perfect speaker for this function, nobody else could have done the job as well.

Bev Marks Bedding