On the road to Quilpie

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On the road to Quilpie

Seems like the saga continues as this time the points played up just as we got near Toompine. Thank goodness Keith was able to fix them because we only saw one car so far in the 5 hours of driving today! Talk about empty roads! There’s absolutely no one out here, miles after miles of emptiness (and the forecast is for 45 degrees up here).

I know I’ve always bagged Keith out for figuring himself a mechanic just because he’s fixed his lawnmower once. But I tell ya, it’s his lawnmower experience that’s saved us today. Turns out fixing the points on the A Model is very similar to fixing them on a lawnmower, who’d have thunk?! Only took him 25 minutes and now we’re back in business and on our way to Quilpie. And Keith, you have my word that I’ll never bag you out again (well, at least not over that!!! ?)

But remember folks, we’re not doing this for fun! Well, we DO have fun of course, but the main reason we are going to all this effort is to raise funds for the Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute. So please go to www.EastToWest.com.au and donate today. Now. Please do it.

Thank you!

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