Only two more days and we’re off!!!

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Only two more days and we’re off!!!

I’m sure you have been touched by cancer in one way or another. I know I have. As has my mate Keith.

Keith and I, we both love a good challenge and we’ve done all sorts of trips together in my beloved 1930 A Model Ford. So come Wednesday, 21 March 2018, Keith and I are planning to cross Australia from the easternmost point of the continent to the westernmost – Byron Bay to Shark Bay/Steep Point – right through the guts – in the old girl.

However, this will most likely be our last big trip together, and we both agreed that this time we wanted to make our efforts count. Have the trip stand for something.

The moment we came across the Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute in Ballarat, we knew we had found our perfect cause. So, this trip is dedicated to the Cancer Research Institute, Australia’s only regional research facility of its kind, because we know they’re doing a tremendous job!!! And they deserve all the support they can get, operating as they are without any government funding!

So, please show your support by sponsoring our trip!

If 5,000 people donated only $20 each (= a mere 4 cups of coffee!!!), we will have reached our fundraising goal of $100,000! And the Institute will have secured 1/10th of their yearly operating budget to continue their world class work.

And just so you won’t have to go completely without coffee by having allocated your weekly coffee allowance to this great cause, I will send everyone who donates $20 or more a coffee voucher for our bakeries.

Feel good today by clicking now and sponsor us. It’s a fantastic cause, and every dollar counts.

Thank you!!!

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