Don’t Let An Old Person In

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Don’t Let An Old Person In

Steve McAnanly, my father-in-law, is 86 years old, legally blind, and pretty much deaf. But none of that stops him. These days Steve lives with us but goes home to his house every morning around 9am. He comes back in time for dinner, after his daily visit to the local pub for an hour or so.

He gets on his motorised scooter and goes shopping at the supermarket. He visits the chemist and goes to the chiropractor. If you see him on his scooter, I suggest you keep out of his way, for he REALLY is legally blind. But he doesn’t get into trouble: most people in Beechworth, being the small country town it is, know Steve and respect him.

Just last weekend Steve purchased a new TV for his kitchen. He already has a fairly recent one in his lounge room, but it doesn’t have the latest technology. This new one has cordless headphones and all the latest. He’s now talking about getting his kitchen repainted. The man is 86 but he’s still got goals. It’s wonderful to see.

He talks to all his great-grandkids. He can tell which one is which by the sound of their voices. Or they soon tell him if he gets a name wrong. He listens to the latest news and loves keeping up with politics. He’s a one-eyed labour supporter: all the others are idiots, he reckons.

Steve’s body is getting very worn out, but his mind is still sharp. He enjoys life. He loves meeting people and takes a real interest in his three kids’ lives, and also the grandkids and what they’re up to. He loves it 

Steve has not given up. I hope I have the same interest in living as he does when I’m 86. He is terrific. He’s in love with life, and still willing to have a go.