The Gospel of Tom

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The Gospel of Tom

Last weekend we had a Poet’s Weekend here in Beechworth, where poets from all over Victoria  came and recited poetry in pubs, cafes and other public places. What a great concept! I don’t know much about poetry but I think this is a great idea. We even had poets recite their work at our Beechworth Bakery.

Carol Reffold, one of the visiting poets, recited her poems on the balcony of our bakery and had asked me to attend her session because she’d written two poems about me. I was too embarrassed to go and listen but I did go and meet her afterwards and she was a lovely lady. She had brought her 86 year old mum along with her for the weekend and she was a real character. I was told by a few people that she was by far the best poet that weekend. Just don’t ask me!

Anyway, here is one of her poems about me:


Simple rules of profitable business or…

“The Gospel of Tom” by Carol Reffold


Do unto others as you have them do the same to you

is a business edict seldom heard but I believe it’s true

that if you use this golden rule your punters will come back.

They’ll drive for miles to trade with you along life’s bumpy track.


The four things which you need to do are firstly: share a smile.

Your punters make or break your trade – they’re there for just a while

and first impressions make or break the rapport which they feel

so gladly look them in the eye and smile before you deal.


Perhaps “G’day”, or “How are you?” or “Not seen you before,”

before you do the business bit and send them out the door.

And as the business bit concludes, please say, sincere, “Thank you,”

because the dollars which they bring, in part, belong to you.


So if you want a better wage, a better profit share,

Show all the customers who come, that you do, really, care.


© Carol Reffold – February 2012