Unpopular Policies – A Necessary Evil

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Unpopular Policies – A Necessary Evil

While in Timor baking with me, my mate Graham Heaven from New Zealand lost his gold signet ring. He’d been wearing it for more than 40 years. He’s not sure whether it went into the bread or the muffins, but it’s gone.

At Beechworth Bakery we have a policy: no jewellery or body piercings. This policy upsets a few of our people, for they have to wear blue Band-Aids over their piercings. Doesn’t look that sexy. But we’ve had problems in the past where a customer broke a tooth on an earring. Plus it’s not that healthy, eating earrings or any body jewellery, for that matter.

Any jewellery can be a hazard. We do let our staff wear their wedding rings if they choose. Myself, I will never work with my wedding ring on. I just find it too dangerous. I’ve seen others get their ring fingers caught on machinery. Not pleasant.

Our policy does upset some, but I learnt years ago that you can’t please everyone.

Graham and his wife Denise were upset that the ring was lost. Denise had given it to Graham 41 years ago. As far as I know, Graham had always worn it, at all times. I said to the nuns at the bakery, “Do you think it will get returned?” They just laughed. It’s a solid-gold ring, lost in one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia.

Denise had better buy him another one. It will cost her a little bit more than it did 41 years ago, but at least he still has the finger it was on.