We made it to Goondiwindi!!

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We made it to Goondiwindi!!

Well, well. Our morning started with yet another flat tyre! Had that fixed and now we’re sitting in the garage waiting for the starter motor to get fixed. Marty, my business partner, managed to locate a brand new one and had it sent up from Melbourne but… it turns out it’s not compatible with the A Model.

So now these wonderful mechanics here at the service centre in Goondiwindi are doing their utmost best to fix the original starter motor. 87 years old! They don’t know whether they’ll succeed but they’re certainly doing their very best. And Keith is doing his best praying (I’m assuming to the God of Mechanics?).

Anyway, if you are in the region and would like to catch up with me over breakfast, the Goondiwindi Chamber of Commerce has organised a fundraising breakfast for tomorrow morning, March 27 @ 6:30 am8:00 am AEST $30 at O’Shea’s Royal Hotel, 48 Marshall St, Goondiwindi, QLD 4390.


Details here: https://www.goondiwindichamber.com.au/event/breakfast-with-tom-otoole/