Wonderful Goondiwindi and beyond

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Wonderful Goondiwindi and beyond

WELL! David Ford, the auto electrician here in Goondiwindi, and one of his mates, Cal, worked on our A Model all day yesterday and managed to adept the new but incompatible starter motor we were sent from Melbourne so that it now works!!! They weren’t gonna be beat!!! What champions! We were very happy chappies, I can tell ya!

And on top of working their magic, they wouldn’t even accept payment and instead donated their time & efforts to our cause. Incredible! Huge thank you, David & Cal!!! And please look them up if ever you are in the area and need work done on your car. They are awesome!

While here, we had a good look around this beautiful town. It’s terrific! The people are incredibly friendly and helpful, it’s a real pleasure to be here.

Anyway, because of David & Cal we were able to take off right after the breakfast talk I gave here for the Chamber of Commerce this morning. What a great event! Despite the fact that there wasn’t a huge crowd, we raised more than $3000!!!

We were hoping to make it all the way to Cunnamulla today, but it’s not looking good right now because the A Model is playing up once again. This time we think it’s the fuel. The motor is running very rough, and got pretty hot so we’ve stopped for a while. Don’t now how far we’ll get but I’ll keep you posted.

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