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Back to ‘civilization’


After days of being rattled, jolted and shaken, in danger of running out of fuel, nearly getting washed of the road in a storm, and having another flat tyre, we’ve finally made it to Laverton, then Leonora and now Leinster where we got the car serviced.

They had to tighten every single bolt in the entire car because absolutely everything had been shaken loose on that corrugated road!

And Keith & I also got our service, meaning we were able to clean up and get a decent feed (that did NOT involve banana on a slab of bread?)

On the way to Leonora we came through Gwalia, a living ghost town, having been largely deserted since the ‘Sons of Gwalia’ gold mine closed in 1963. Fascinating to visit! It still has the house Herbert Hoover lived in while being the mine manager before becoming the 31st president of the United States!

And please remember to share, donate, talk about, and promote this widely to help spread the word about why we’re doing this trip in the first place. We’re now up to well over $30,000 in donations, and thank you to everyone who has contributed! But we’re still a FAIR way away from our fundraising goal of $100,000, so please keep up the support. Thank you!