Be Willing To Learn

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Be Willing To Learn

I still read inspirational books and still listen to CDs on business and life. I’ve been a subscriber to Business Essentials for many years. Great product. Michael Schildberger, who owned and operated the business, had me on his program a couple times over the years. Sadly, Michael passed away last year. But his son Nick now runs the show. And I personally think it’s better than ever. 

Business Essentials puts out a CD once a month of advice and ideas on how to grow your business. There’s lots of tax advice and just wonderful people on there. (Check out their website

It’s the learners who will inherit the future. If you’re finished learning, you’re buggered. Y’know, Beechworth Bakery manager Marty loves Business Essentials. He listens to each CD a couple times. He gets a lot out of it.

I listen to lots of instructional CDs. I’ve been subscribing to British Baker magazine for over 25 years. It’s not cheap, but I’ve got to keep learning. I pick up some great ideas out of British Baker. I also get all the Australian bakery magazines. I love them.

The essence of all growth is that willingness to keep learning. Just be willing.