Paid Speaking

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Paid Speaking

With my paid speaking, I use an agent ( to look after all my bookings, which includes my fee, travel, accommodation, meals, etc. At times we get some groups not wanting to pay the full price for me to speak.

But here’s the thing, if they don’t think I’m going to help grow their business, they should not be looking at hiring me.

People get me to speak because they want to grow their sales or improve their teamwork or get better customer service. If they think I can’t deliver or it’s not worth their investment, they should look at getting someone else.

I would like to offer an 100% money-back guarantee, but my agency says it’s not the done thing in the speaking game. The bakery offers an unconditional 200% money-back guarantee – if not completely satisfied, we will replace the product and refund your money. I reckon I should offer the same deal with my speaking. 

But as it is, I have asked my agency to tell clients to focus on what I can do to help grow the business as opposed to what it’s going to cost. The benefits are remembered long after the price is forgotten.