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After getting back from Steep Point, we stayed another night at Hamelin Outback Station – thanks again to Jacqui and the team there for their wonderful hospitality!!! – and then took off heading to Geraldton. On our way there we were waved down by a lady. Turns out it was Heather Gerrard from Beechworth who is now living in Exmouth. She was very pleased to catch up with us. What a small world!

Yesterday was a day of sightseeing and enjoying this lovely town. Amazing how many people wave to us, whether they know us or not. I just got this message from Anitsirk Attwood who said: “I saw you guys in Geraldton today and waved….. only noticed afterwards that the car had Beechworth Bakery on it, really made my day! Love the vanilla slice recipe from your book Tom!” Well, THAT really made MY day ?
This morning I gave a talk for the Mid West Chamber of Commerce and Industry- MWCCI – thanks for having me! – and now we’re on the road again…

I also just banked another $397.80 from our collection tin… Every little bit counts and it all adds up. Thank you to everyone who has already donated!

And if you haven’t yet, thank you for heading over to now to do it! ?

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