Risky Business

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Risky Business

Only the person who takes risks in life is truly free. I find getting out and speaking to groups is a real risk, writing a book is a big risk in that I may upset people who I put in my book and I upset people who I leave out!

Writing blogs & articles is a big risk, as some people do not agree with my ideas/ thoughts, and I take a risk that people will judge me when I am on stage telling my story. The best way to avoid criticism is to say nothing, do nothing, and be nothing!
Talking about taking risks, here I am at 58 and have just borrowed a lot of money from the bank to invest in our business. Bl**dy hell, in my early days in business I couldn’t even borrow $10,000 from the banks…(Isn’t it funny how when you really need the money the banks generally won’t lend it to you.)

All my business life I have been prepared to take risks. I remember when I first came back to Beechworth 26 years ago to set up the bakery, my accountant and the bank manager said I was mad taking a risk investing in a dying county town, but luckily I didn’t listen to them… and look what happened.

Take a risk and live, don’t just exist. Turn off the TV and get into life… It’s a risk worth taking!