The Cost Of Putting Things Off

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The Cost Of Putting Things Off

I’ve just had two good friends visit us from the USA. Also, their daughter and son-in-law. We spent a terrific day in the bush around home looking for koalas and kangaroos. But the day had not started well for our friends.

At 8:15 am, they received a call from America that their business had been robbed. A lot of money – I mean, a lot of money – had been taken, along with other valuables. Three safes were removed from the business in all.

Our friends had talked about putting in security cameras for a few years. Never got around to doing it. How often do we all do that? We say we’ll do something but just don’t get around to it. That is where I find goal-setting so helpful. Often it’s just a phone call. Ring up the security company and pay a bit of money.

At least we had a lot of fun looking for koalas. I just hope our friends can afford to visit next year. I’m sure they’ll have good security at the business from now on.