Mini MBA

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Mini MBA

I’ve just done a talk for the Global Business Boot Camp up at the Sheridan Mirage Resort on the Gold Coast. While I was there, one morning I held the pool gate open for a couple of people behind me… Turns out it was John Travolta and his young son! They were there on holidays. I got a heck of a surprise seeing him! And, yes, he thanked me for holding the gate =)

Anyway, back to the boot camp. It’s a three-day conference where they get many speakers from different industries. A lot of accountants come to this boot camp and bring along clients who want to grow their business. There were more than 20 accountants there from all over Australia.

John Tsoulos, who runs the boot camp, is also an accountant, from Adelaide. He runs events for people who want to make a better life for themselves from their business. These are business people who are looking to take the next step. They’re learning how to work on their business. They’re learning how to let go and trust other people to work on parts of their business.

They were a great audience and a great group of people. There were all sorts of businesses there, from landscapers to real estate agents. All working on their business. This is the second time I’ve been involved with the Global Business Boot Camp. The first time was last year. At the time, I could not get over how the audience really got on board. Then again, these people were investing in themselves. They were paying their money and they were there to learn.

This year was the same. They were loving the learning! They told me it was like a mini MBA.

Most of us don’t make the time to work on our businesses. We all seem to have the same issues: how to run a business profitably without too much stress. It’s all about enjoying the journey, and these people were. Like they said, it was like earning a mini MBA. Wow!

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