5 Reasons Why Trade Shows Are Good For Your Business

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5 Reasons Why Trade Shows Are Good For Your Business

I hear people say they can’t afford to go to trade shows. I believe you can’t afford not to. Going to trade shows is one of the best investments I have ever made.

Here are FIVE reasons why going to trade shows and business conferences makes good business sense…

  1. It gets you out of your comfort zone. I’ve found that if I stay at home and talk to myself, I’m liable to get bad advice. I become shop blind, community blind, and blind to the opportunities that are right at my feet. By getting out of my comfort zone and talking to others in my industry, I can see my business with fresh eyes.
  2. You get to work on your business. I was in business for 10 years before I went to my first trade show. It changed my life. For all those years I was busy working in my business. Going to that trade show was the start of me working on my business.
  3. It will open your eyes to all the opportunities in your industry. I’m always in awe of the huge range of new equipment and technology on display. Trade shows are often held inter-city or inter-state, and you can also learn so much just by checking out similar businesses in a new city or state. You’ll get some great marketing ideas. The secret is to put them into action when you get home.
  4. It gives you a chance to build a real network of like minded people. When I went to my first trade show 30 years ago, I met all these other mad bakers with so much passion. I still enjoy catching up with these people today. And I love meeting specialists and suppliers. These people have a real commitment to my industry.
  5. It will ignite your passion for your business. Trade shows certainly rekindled my passion for my business. They made me think outside my four walls. I get more creative and innovative by going to these shows. And it makes me set new goals.

If possible, we get quite a few of our staff to go to trade shows too. They always have a great day. They get inspired, see product I might have missed, and pick up lots of ideas. It’s a great way to reward staff. We need them to be ambassadors for our business. If you reckon your staff is your greatest asset, invest in them.

Going to trade shows is money well spent. It’s not a cost, it’s an investment.