3 for the price of one

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3 for the price of one

My new DVD “The Making Dough Masterclass” has just been released. The original Making Dough DVD has been around for many years and people absolutely loved it. But it got a little bit dated, so we’ve now done a new one. It’s all about customer service, and it’s all about doing that little bit extra.

The original Making Dough DVD has been a great bestseller in Australia as well as overseas, and we received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback on it. And we think the new one is even better. It’s right up to date, and we’ve put the old one (Making Dough) on there as well. So you get 2 for the price of one.

We also put a bonus clip on there of one of my live speaking performances. It’s a 45 minute up-to-date presentation by me, talking on stage. So that’s an added extra – that little bit extra – that we’ve thrown in as well.

The DVD is all about how we’ve grown the  Beechworth Bakery, and how you can grow your own business. It’s about teamwork, it’s about looking after the customer, it’s about doing that little bit extra.

It’s a great training tool for your business. A lot of take-home value. I think you’ll be impressed. It’s a real Australian product, I have a real front door, I am in a real business, warts and all.

Our business is far from perfect, but we’re getting better, we’re getting better every day. The Making Dough Masterclass – you’ve got nothing to lose by looking at it, but a lot to gain!

Check it out here:


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