The Proof is in the Pudding

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The Proof is in the Pudding

Australia Day in the Beechworth Bakery in Bendigo and the place was packed to the rafters. I often get asked: “But, Tom,  how do you get them all?”

Well, it’s our product, to start with. Our product is good. You’ve got to have a good product. If you haven’t got a good product you shouldn’t be in business. So it is about the product, but it’s also about our brand, Beechworth Bakery. It’s about the perception. A crowd attracts a crowd. You tell people you’re famous, and more often than not they believe you.

Perception is a powerful tool, used correctly. But you’ve got to deliver!

My people are delivering. Our product, it’s delivering. People are getting good value, and they’re loving it. It’s magic, I just love seeing our shops so crowded, all these people wanting a piece of us. And they’re happy or they wouldn’t be there.

I have happy staff, I have happy customers. That’s what I’m after.

I’m in business to have happy customers, I’m in business to make money. It gives me choices,  it gives me options. Isn’t that what you’re after, too? Well, you have to make it happen by delivering – and even over delivering. Make people happy and they’re happy to give you their money. Simple as that!