A Real Opportunity

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A Real Opportunity

I’ve just recently done a talk for an accountant group and their clients. 93 of their clients, in fact. They ran a three-day workshop in Noosa based on their “Six Secrets of a Successful Business.” The accountant group is called Condon Treasure, based in central Queensland.

I was very impressed with this business boot camp. Here were all the owners of the group mixing with their clients. John, who was running the seminar, is actually an accountant himself, with his own business. He’s based in Adelaide. But he’s more than an accountant. He was a great presenter. The clients loved him. It was a fun-filled three days with so much value.

The workshop gave you an incredible chance to work on your business. Most of us don’t give our business one day, let alone three days, working on it. I spoke to some audience members who had done it the year before, and they could not speak highly enough of it. They had gone back to their businesses and put some of what they learned into place. They tell me it has changed their businesses and their lives. Well, now they have a life, they tell me.

The value of getting a group of likeminded people together in a setting away from their business is just terrific. You learn so much from
speaking with the other people who are attending. They all share their experiences. This accountant group does a lot more than just ‘doing your books’. Heaps more.

It was wonderful to be part of it. It rained like there’s no tomorrow, but it really was terrific seeing people getting so much out of a conference.

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