John Cleese

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John Cleese

I can guarantee that, at every talk I do, people will come up to me afterwards and tell me how much I look like John Cleese. I get it all the time. Well, at least when I’m on stage speaking. I’ve even been written up on the front page of a Tasmanian newspaper as “John Cleese on speed.”

I’m not sure if the audience ever takes me seriously. I certainly hope they do it. I hope they end up getting something out of my story. I’ve been speaking now for 14 or 15 years. The thing with my story is that it’s my own story. Plus, the bakery is still doing wonderful stuff. It’s great to make your business a success, but to keep it successful is the real secret.

I often speak for charity groups and these talks are usually used as a fundraiser. I’ve also been booked to speak all over the place in May: Sydney, Perth, Port Pirie in South Australia, Surabaya in Indonesia and Christchurch in New Zealand, plus others… it’s been a rather busy month for me. With most speakers you can’t step into their business and check them out because there is no business behind them. Yet I really stick my neck out there when I talk. But hopefully when you walk into our business and check us out, it’s not Faulty Towers… =)

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