The ‘Joys’ Of Gift Vouchers

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The ‘Joys’ Of Gift Vouchers

My sister-in-law purchased an accommodation voucher for a
resort last year. Well, the expiry date was coming up real quick – it was now
12 months later – so she rang the crowd at the resort to see if she could get
one month’s extension. Well, the fellow on the phone was incredibly rude, yelling
at her and really upsetting her. When she got off the phone, she thought, “Up

But then she reconsidered, thinking ‘Bugger that! They’re not
getting my money for nothing’. So she rang the ombudsman, only to be told the
business doesn’t legally have to extend the voucher. And while all of this was
going on, Margaret was out there telling everyone how rude this guy at the
resort was. She was not a happy customer!

Anyway, after a while she rang back, and this time she got a
totally different person on the phone. This man couldn’t be more helpful. They
worked out when her visit would be convenient for both Margaret and the resort.
She could not have got a nicer fellow this time.

She’s down there at the moment: I hope she has a fantastic

Like I’ve always said, business is about people. It’s about
looking after the customer. You’ve got to make sure they’re happy.