Where Do I Go From Here?

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Where Do I Go From Here?

I was in the local gaol last night. I’ve been going into gaols for over 20 years. I just sit around and talk to a few inmates. The main thing I do is listen.

Last night there was a young fellow due out today. He was quite anxious. He had gotten quite comfortable in gaol, but today he’ll be out in the real world. He’ll find it’s the same old world with the same old problems.

Life is like that: no matter where you live, you still have your full share of problems. In the old days I thought I was the only one. I see myself in lots of these prisoners: all the fear, the anger, the self-pity.

Some people think I’m a good fellow going into the goals and talking to the inmates, but I am no saint. The inmates help me as much as I help them.

I try to give them a bit of hope. Most of them have never taken the time to have a good look at themselves, even though they may have been inside for a few years. But they’re caught up in blame and justification. They have no self-awareness.

At age 32 I was a bit the same. I had no self-awareness. But I asked for help. I was told I had to get honest with myself. I did not know how. I was full of it.

With a lot of help, I turned my life around. I stopped seeing myself as useless. I’m grateful that there were people around to help me. Today I’m glad to be there for others because I know how much it has helped me. And because nowadays I’m in love with life and rarin’ to go, and fully aware of what a great feeling that is!