Goal Achieved

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Goal Achieved

We’ve just put in a fire bunker at home. It’s been on my goal list for two years. Finally I picked up the phone and made it happen. Why did it take me two years? I just never got around to making that phone call.

Why a fire bunker? We have bush on two sides of our property. We have experienced two bushfires over the 27 years we have lived here.

Next time we may not be so lucky. We may need the bunker. I hope not. It’s like having house insurance: you hope you never have to use it. But I always have insurance. No use waiting for extreme weather to hit again and then get a fire bunker.

These bunkers weigh six tonnes, so it takes a bit of organisation to get one. Plus, they cost a few dollars. But it will give us peace of mind when the weather gets hot again.

The goal was easy to accomplish, but it took me two years. All it took in the end was a few phone calls. With a lot of goals, that’s all it takes. Ring that friend. Ring your brother. Just pick up the phone and make it happen.