Self Promotion…?!

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Self Promotion…?!

I had this fellow have a bit of a dig at me recently, saying I was just using my Facebook to sell my cakes. I was a bit taken aback, for I did not think I was. But then again, when you think about it, of course I’m in business to sell products, whether it’s cakes, pies, training DVDs or books. Or selling myself as a speaker. So, I guess I’m ‘guilty’ as charged.

We’re all selling in one way or another.

The same week I had another fellow have a go at me. I was speaking in Bendigo for a Probus group. I often speak for Probus groups and do them free of charge because they’re a great organisation. In my talk I put in lots of life stories and lots of motivation. Some funny stories, plus some of my business stories.

That day I had this older fellow come along. He said, “Great talk, but all you were doing is promoting your business.” Well, I suppose I was. But there was lots of take-home value for living a better life. Some people find it so easy to be negative. There were about 100 people in the audience, and they loved my talk, and I got heaps of positive feedback. Yet here’s this fellow complaining. You sure can’t please everyone.

I am a business man, and most of the experiences I talk about and that others can benefit from, come from being in business. So of course I’m talking about my business.

However, if you think I’m overdoing it a bit on my blog or on facebook, let me know. Please.

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